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Tuba Skinny - "Six Feet Down" (2022 Self-released)

Cover Image for Tuba Skinny - "Six Feet Down" (2022 Self-released)

w Barnabus Jones, Erika Lewis; from Magnolia Stroll

Here's another Tuba Skinny original, coming from last year's "compilation of original works" Magnolia Stroll. This one's also written by their principal vocalist Erika Lewis, along with trombonist Barnabus Jones (who a handful of sources have as "Barnabas Jenkins" but that seems to be an error), but whereas the previously featured "Broken Hearted Blues" was a little Poppier and vocal-heavy "Six Feet Down" is pretty straight Trad/New Orleans Jazz.

Though admittedly the lyrics put it above the instrumental tracks on Magnolia Stroll in my opinion...squeaky wheel and all that perhaps...

The song "Six Feet Down" originally appeared on Tuba Skinny's 2010 album of the same name, in a version which has got decidedly younger-sounding (and more innocent...?) vocals and a different arrangement. It's also very good, but regrettably not on Spotify or YouTube that I can see. Fortunately you can listen to it on Bandcamp. Or buy it, gods forbid...

Tuba Skinny have also got an album out from a few months ago, Hot Town, that I'll probably catch whenever it reaches Spotify...but it's bound to have something good if you want to check it out now at the Bandcamp link. And as ever…

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