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Tuba Skinny - "Broken Hearted Blues" (2016 Self-released)

Cover Image for Tuba Skinny - "Broken Hearted Blues" (2016 Self-released)

w Erika Lewis; from Blue Chime Stomp

Tuba Skinny are a Trad/New Orleans Jazz band from today times that play a ton of old Jazz standards and non-standards, as well as songs from other genres re-done in a Jazz idiom. They're based in New Orleans and came up busking, but play and are followed around the world thanks to their famously decentralized YouTube presence (they don't have their own channel, but their best work has been recorded live on the streets and posted by dedicated fans).

From their 2016 album Blue Chime Stomp, "Broken Hearted Blues" is an original song by mainstay knockout vocalist Erika Lewis and it's firmly in the tradition of the sad song sung happy. As the lyrics go, it's "that same old story" of the Blues, but with a 50's New Orleans Rock & Roll arrangement...Tuba Skinny make for some of the best backing today, and the record's got a perfectly organic-sounding low-fi hiss if you listen closely. I would've sworn this was an older song they were covering, but it's not to be confused with various others of the same name.

There's a lot more singing and less virtuosic soloing on "Broken Hearted Blues" than the typical Tuba Skinny number, but don't let that scare you away...

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