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Duane Eddy - "Along Came Linda - Undubbed" (1959 Unreleased / 2010 Jamie Records)

Cover Image for Duane Eddy - "Along Came Linda - Undubbed" (1959 Unreleased / 2010 Jamie Records)

w Duane Eddy, Lee Hazelwood; from The Birth Of A Guitar Legend · Jamie Singles Sessions 1957-1962, Jamie – Jamie 3926

Duane Eddy is a guitarist best known for his late '50s instrumental Rock & Roll tracks, particularly, "Rebel-'Rouser" (YouTube & Spotify, apparently the top version on his Spotify page is a later re-recording), but this Classical-leaning number is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard and surely his secret crowning-achievement. Taken from the 2010 compilation The Birth of a Guitar Legend: the Jamie Singles Sessions 1957-1962, this solo-guitar version benefits from the absence of the strings and other extra production on the version released on 1959's Especially for You.

An unsourced story claims "Along Came Linda" was written for Duane's first daughter, then presumably a newborn or quite young...it seems he may have had a daughter of that name from his first marriage, but I can neither confirm nor deny with authority. For whom it concerns though, I did learn in the course of researching this post that Duane was married to Jessi Coulter in the '60s (with whom I am not appreciably familiar)...

They say Duane is living still...and "Along Came Linda" lives on as well in this very faithfully and expertly played rendition from YouTube (Charlie Hosoda - Thumb Pickin' Paradise):

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