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The All-American Rejects - "Beekeeper's Daughter" (2012 DGC/Interscope Records)

Cover Image for The All-American Rejects - "Beekeeper's Daughter" (2012 DGC/Interscope Records)

w Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler; Single

A month ago I posted about a Green Day release from 2012. Today we have another group I didn't know were still around (and apparently going on tour this fall), with the lead single from the All-American Rejects' 2012 album Kids in the Street.

Per their own website, the All-American Rejects need no introduction, so why should I exert myself...who could forget 2005's "Move Along" and "Dirty Little Secret"? I played them both in Rock Band...

"Beekeeper's Daughter" is really really good, putting douchiness aside for the moment...musically it's a tier above any of their hits from my formative years, and the guitar solo's memorable, I find.

And the lyrics are well done too, particularly the bridge ("Pulled out your picture the other day..." etc.), for what they are...going back to the douchiness...

I've tried very hard to find some irony in this song, but no...I think it's played 100% straight (110% if "straight" is a double entendre). This is, of course, the group that gave us "Gives You Hell"...

Still a great song, though. This acoustic version is killer too (and 50% douchier):

I have to say, you probably do want to catch them on tour one of these days...

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