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Nemra - "I'm a Liar" (2019 Self-released)

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w Artak Zamanyan; from Hmm...

Armenian rock band Nemra (Armen spelled backwards, which I didn't notice until I read it on their website...) had their biggest hit with 2019's "Nare", a modern take on a traditional Armenian song:

And rightly so, but this song is pretty catchy too. "I'm a Liar" was actually written for Armenia's 2018 Depi Evratesil, the preliminary contest to determine the country's entry for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Nemra came in second, with first place going to Ukraine X Factor winner and The Voice of Armenia coach Sevak Khanagyan and "Qami":

…which is itself the second best song called "Qami", but more on that another day...

"I'm a Liar" was officially released on Nemra's 2019 album Hm..., the title track of which has surpassed "Nare" as their most streamed song on Spotify and definitely shares a similar sound with it:

They've got a bunch of other songs too, and not a bad one among them in their 10+ years of performing according to a very funny link on their site...they most recently released a couple of singles this summer, so maybe a new album isn't far off...?

Until such time as that may be, you can check out another Eurovision-related post from last week, or one on Armenia's own Eurovision entrant of yore Sirusho. And to close out, check out this beautiful choral take on "Nare" by the always wonderful Nairyan Vocal Ensemble:

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