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Sirusho - "Qami" (2008 Karen Studio)

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From Hima

Last time I alluded to the best song called "Qami" (Armenian for "Wind") having yet to be featured here. Well, here it is, from the previously featured Sirusho's 2008 album Hima.

This one has some strong 90s influence, not just from R&B but maybe a little No Doubt too if I'm not mistaken...it's certainly the most American/"Western" sounding song of hers I've heard. I cannot find who wrote it, possibly Sirusho herself as she does, but it's a good one...

...well, that's all I have to say about that. Find some more Sirusho below, but before that I'll just end with an update to the last Sirusho post's appeal for aid for Artsakh with the news that Nagorno-Karabakh will be fully re-absorbed by Azerbaijan by the end of this year, following the latter's 24-hour conquest of the region at the end of September, and over 100,000 ethnic Armenian refugees have fled the region for Armenia. This of course is following a nearly year long blockade of food, medicine, and other foreign aid, much intermittent violence, and the word "genocide" being tossed around more than a few times.

Obviously this has only been further overshadowed by the recent, not dissimilar, developments in the Middle-East, but if you want to (also) help the ~100,000 refugees who have fled to Armenia, you can contribute to the Armenian General Benevolent Union's Global Relief Fund here.

Also, for a cost-free method you can choose to use Bing as your search engine and Give with Bing will donate to your choice of a variety of charities, including AGBU, as you search (disbursed at the end of the month), and also you get rewards points for yourself - I get Amazon gift cards at a surprisingly decent clip...

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