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Green Day - "Brutal Love" (2012 Reprise Records)

Cover Image for Green Day - "Brutal Love" (2012 Reprise Records)

w Billie Joe Armstrong, Sam Cooke, Tré Cool, Mike Dirnt; from ¡TRÉ!, Reprise Records – 531978-2

So I had no idea Green Day, the Bush-era pop-punk band of American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown fame, were still making albums in 2012, but I heard this on Spotify at some point. I guess they're still around, but Billie Joe Armstrong at least is middle-aged now and it's depressing as hell...that cover of "I Think We're Alone Now" from the quarantine times was good though:

"Brutal Love" is real tight, and rightly so - the melody's expressly based on "Bring it On Home to Me", hence the writing credit for Sam Cooke. As far as the words...I never understood the Green Day hate back in my middle-school daze, but I do have to say I've noticed lately that they're really good at writing songs that sound like they're meaningful...this song has a great first verse though, and the rest is pretty catchy even if you can't catch all of it. And if you really like it, apparently the album this is off of, ¡Tré!, is part of some White Album-esque trilogy released within a few months of each other in 2012...

I don't know Green Day super well (not that I know most of these recording artists super well), although I did have the privilege of seeing American Idiot the musical at the Ahmanson back in the day (shout out to the Pedroarias family). And of course, they were in the Simpsons Movie:

With that being said...

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