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Ludvig Forssell - "A Phantom Pain" (2015 Konami Digital Entertainment)

Cover Image for Ludvig Forssell - "A Phantom Pain" (2015 Konami Digital Entertainment)

w Ludvig Forssell; from Metal Gear Solid Ⅴ Original Soundtrack Selection, Konami Digital Entertainment – GFCA398-9

This track is not in fact the main theme of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the 2015 tactical espionage operations game that seems to have closed out the franchise narratively, so maybe that's how I missed it until recently. It's a nice 80s throwback that's grown on me...more than the "whoa-hah" actual theme I have to say:

Ludvig Forssell has composed on a number of Konami and Kojima games, the last being Death Stranding before his departure from Kojima Productions, as well as some animation and other projects. His website's latest career highlight comes from Riot Games' ever-popular League of Legends:

That track does remind me of Death Stranding's score, particularly from the scarier parts...

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