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Groove Coverage - "Far Away From Home" (2002 Suprime Music)

Cover Image for Groove Coverage - "Far Away From Home" (2002 Suprime Music)

w Lou Bega, Axel Konrad, Ole Wierk; from Covergirl, Suprime Music – 067 006 2

I think I heard this on an MP3 player in Beijing, where most of my extended family is, c. the mid-to-late-2000s. It does seem to have been more popular in that part of the world...

Groove Coverage, per their website, are a German dance-pop act that have been touring uninterrupted since 2002 (so it says), the year they released their debut album Covergirl. That album, from whence we get "Far Away From Home" (co-written by Lou Bega of "Mambo No. 5" fame), yielded their breakout hit, a cover of "Moonlight Shadow" by Mike Oldfield that apparently hit the top-ten on a variety of German charts.

As an aside, I'm not familiar with Mike Oldfield but he's the man who composed what became the theme to (which I also have not seen, but you know the one even if you haven't seen it probably...):

Anyhow, "Far Away From Home" is nice and wistful without being melancholy, I find...maybe I'm just in a decent mood. I don't know Groove Coverage except from this song (which isn't even officially on YouTube...), but for a similar vibe...

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