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Honey Pig - "Mile a Minute" (2023 Very Derryberry Productions)

Cover Image for Honey Pig - "Mile a Minute" (2023 Very Derryberry Productions)

w Debi Derryberry; Single

Today we have a recent-ish release from Honey Pig, the Country/Folk trio of Anna Daines, Brenna Larsen, and award-winning voice-actor Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron, Maureen and Bridget Fitzsimmons et al. from F is For Family, and certain incarnations of Coco from the Crash Bandicoot series). They've got real folksy throwback three-part harmonies not unlike the Carter Sisters, and I had the privilege of seeing them in person at an Earth Day event in Toluca Lake several years ago (apparently Debi and everything voice-actor Tara Strong both live there? I guess it is next to Burbank...)

Soon I may need to add a tag for sappy love songs...at any rate this is surely a good 'un. "Mile a Minute" is actually a re-recording of a track from Honey Pig's 2001 album Exactly As We Are, with the backup vocals lower this time and without the drums. I think it's all-around a better version, but you be the judge:

And now no more for time. For energy and enthusiasm, actually, as the Raincatcher Records site has just been improved at time of writing with page/navigation buttons that actually work with the browser back and forward buttons, as well as a random post button on the home page...

Until the next time, you must also see this top-percentage Honey Pig cover of the Forester Sisters' "Just in Case":

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