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Than & the &s - "55" (2014 Wall of Bees)

Cover Image for Than & the &s - "55" (2014 Wall of Bees)

w Nathaniel C Tibbetts; Single

I was extremely lucky to have heard this deadly killer track while shuffling music distribution platform Distrokid's Spotlight playlist on Spotify last week (you can vote for which of their artists get featured at the link). Apparently it's the only release of Than & the &s of Saint Paul, Minnesota, headed by one Than Thibbetts who is credited as the writer and producer. Without getting too stalkery about a seeming private citizen, I'll just say that he's not the basketball coach, and that his YouTube channel features both this record and an earlier live version of "55" attributed to The New Antiques:

Plus a couple other performances of theirs if you feel so inclined. "55" at least is phenomenal, very tight. I was definitely surprised to find it wasn't the first of many such releases...

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