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Jack Earls & the Jimbos - "A Fool for Loving You" (1956 Sun Records)

Cover Image for Jack Earls & the Jimbos - "A Fool for Loving You" (1956 Sun Records)

w Jack Wayne Earls; Single, Sun – 240

"A Fool For Loving You" is the Country-leaning B-side to the classic Rockabilly single "Slow Down", for which Jack Earls is best known, and the song with which Earls auditioned for Sun founder Sam Phillips. Earls had a regional hit on "Slow Down" in 1956 but continued working to support his family in lieu of pursuing a music career full-time. You love to see it...since then he's been re-discovered in the wake of the '80s Rockabilly Revival and has gotten to tour internationally.

Apparently Jack's had quite a life. In addition to the stardom, I mean; as a kid he ran away and joined the circus as a "wild boy" (like a wild man, but smaller). In the '50s he was neighbors with Elvis and Elvis' band in Memphis - in fact, Johnny Black from Earls' band(s) was the brother of Elvis' bass player Bill Black. And Jack performed "A Fool for Loving You" when a Grand Ole' Opry tour came to Memphis (also "Crawdad Hole", a song which sounds suspiciously like the beginning of "Slow Down"). This man has had it all...

For another great Country Rockabilly flip-side, you could see this space's post on "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" as performed by Wanda Jackson. Beyond that...

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