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Elvis Presley - "Dirty, Dirty Feeling" (1960 RCA Victor)

Cover Image for Elvis Presley - "Dirty, Dirty Feeling" (1960 RCA Victor)

w Mike Lieber, Jerry Stoller; from Elvis is Back!, RCA Victor – LSP-2231

It's been said time and again that I like Elvis a lot, so here's another one. Surely I'm not already short on ideas after a paltry two months...It's just that this can't become an Elvis fansite...

"Dirty, Dirty Feeling" was written by Elvis' powerhouse songwriting duo of the '50s, Leiber & Stoller (lyrics & music, respectively), for his 1958 movie King Creole. It ultimately didn't make the cut and was instead recorded and released for 1960's Elvis Is Back!, Elvis' first album made after completing his military service. It's certainly got more of a c. King Creole 50s Elvis sound that stands out from the rest of the album, what with the backing vocals by the Jordanaires brought right up front and the hot guitar on the solo.

And also cause of the lyrics that are really rather corny and possibly tongue-in-cheek, but that you might buy played straight if it's Elvis; I think it was Jerry Leiber who said he'd kill himself if he ever had to write another song like "King Creole":

Cf. also "Trouble", "Love Me", "Saved"…

"Dirty, Dirty Feeling" has also got a distinct Elvis movie feel. The short length is certainly a part of it, but for whatever reason it's easy to picture Elvis dancing to this song in Glorious Technicolor™. Something like this bit from 1968's Speedway, which can barely be considered a duet with co-star Nancy Sinatra:

Some say Elvis Is Back! is peak Elvis. Probably it's him at his most artistically integrious (possibly a real word), and in the neighborhood of the high watermark of his cultural relevance. In terms of his abilities I stick by 1968 Comeback thru 1972 Madison Square Garden...but some of the best stuff of his career is on this album to be sure.


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