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Wanda Jackson - "The Box It Came In" (1966 Capitol Records)

Cover Image for Wanda Jackson - "The Box It Came In" (1966 Capitol Records)

w Vic McAlpin; Single, Capitol Records – 5559

"The Box It Came In" (not pictured...?) is what they call that solid-gold Country sound...it's got an iconic steel guitar turnaround at the beginning, golden-age Country queen vocals (cf. Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and more recently Margo Price), and of course the "heartache", as they say. Just quintessential Classic Country. Plus bloody vengeance to boot...though in life it peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Country charts, it's easily top-10 all-time, maybe top-five...

Wanda Jackson has, of course, been featured here before - in the very first post of this site. Though in the final analysis they call her the Queen of Rockabilly, she's done Country like nobody's business too (cf. Jerry Lee Lewis). "The Box It Came In" is probably the best example, but see also the album it was included on, 1966's Reckless Love Affair. That's about as straight Country as it gets...

"The Box It Came In" has also got a fabulous track on the B-side in "Look Out Heart". In more of a Rockabilly bent...:

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