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Vic Chou & Xi-Yuan Xu - "讓我愛你 (Rang Wo Ai Ni)" (2004 Sony Music Entertainment)

Cover Image for Vic Chou & Xi-Yuan Xu - "讓我愛你 (Rang Wo Ai Ni)" (2004 Sony Music Entertainment)

w Mikiko, Kawae Minako; from 戰神 Mars, Sony Music SDD0441

This is the ending theme from Mars, a Taiwanese drama my mom watched back in the day. I don't know what most of the words mean, but the title translates to "Let Me Love You" and it sounds like a fairly standard love song lyrically. How beautifully romantic a composition and performance, though. Vic Chou (周渝民) from the boy band F4 sings it with co-star Barbie Hsu (I just learned she is also called 大S - "Big S", and her Chinese name is 徐熙媛 - Xú Xīyuán, which kind of sounds like Susie Yuan).

I don't remember/know what Mars was about (you can read a little more about it at this eBay listing for the soundtrack on cassette), but Chou and Hsu and F4 also starred in 2001's Meteor Garden and that's a classic rom-dramedy (based on the oft-adapted manga Boys Over Flowers). I'm really not up on all that stuff but I can at least recommend the 2018 Netflix remake, of which I watched a few episodes when I had Netflix access...basically it's about a schoolgirl who gets bullied and then gradually seduced by the Flower 4, a group of cool kids from whence the real life band got its name.

I have heard it said that F4 can't sing (back when they were together, I mean); I call that misplaced insecurity. But you tell me...

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