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Clique - "Two Sides" (2023 Self-released)

Cover Image for Clique - "Two Sides" (2023 Self-released)

w Papel Popov, Clique Productions; from Hourglass

Clique (Clique Productions) is a YouTuber who makes very cool NBA 2K simulation and other basketball-related videos. I feel like he didn't have 700,000+ subscribers last time I checked...but apparently ESPN did just share his latest video on Twitter:

Regardless. Hourglass is Clique's debut album, released just this February (with the promise of more to come, they say) and it's got several solid tracks. "Two Sides" sticks most in my mind, not just on account of the sample - "Giving Up", in the style of Donny Hathaway ("Someday We'll All Be Free") but I can't figure what version - but also the shift at the "We don't give a f***" etc. part. Plus the lines are meaningful and there are a number of basketball references, fittingly...and this is the longest track on the album without being overlong (some of the rest are quite good but a little short).

I feel like either I've grossly overrated Kanye as a producer or Clique has got a very underrated outfit here...compare the Kanye-produced "Come Back Baby" by Pusha T:

Potato, potato?

Maybe I have no appreciation...

Much is being written about the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop. I know jack about Rap comparatively, but maybe you can expect some more here. “Esskeetit”.

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