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Warren Smith - "The Golden Rocket" (1956 Unreleased Sun Records / 1977 Charly Records)

Cover Image for Warren Smith - "The Golden Rocket"  (1956 Unreleased Sun Records / 1977 Charly Records)

w Clarence E. Snow; from The Legendary Sun Performers - Warren Smith, Charly Records – CR 30132

Today's record is a medley of hits written and made famous by Clarence Eugene Snow, or Hank Snow as he was better known: "I'm Movin' On", "The Golden Rocket", and "The Rhumba Boogie" (I see this record often appears under the name "Hank Snow Medley: I'm Movin' On / Golden Rocket / Rhumba Boogie" or some variation, and I first encountered it as such). The Canadian singer was huge in Country Music during the '50s, being managed by Colonel Tom Parker before Parker took on Elvis, and hugely influential - his most enduring hit, "I've Been Everywhere" (by Australian Geoff Mack, featuring a long and speedily recited list of Australian/Canadian/American cities the narrator has visited), has been a standard since 1962, and for me is indelibly linked to this scene from The Simpsons:

Warren Smith was a Rockabilly performer known for his recordings of "Rock 'N Roll Ruby" (credited to Johnny Cash - and recreated by Joaquin Phoenix in the biopic Walk the Line), "Ubangi Stomp", and "Uranium Rock" (apparently appeared in Fallout 4 but I haven't gotten around to the game yet). He does a great impression of Snow on this medley, but Sun Records didn't end up using the recording - the links in this post are to greatest hits compilations.

As near as I can tell the recording was first released under the title "The Golden Rocket", on the 1977 UK compilation above which gives the recording date as 30 March 1956 - although I can't verify that this is indeed the same take as that in the YouTube and Spotify links in this post (postings of "The Golden Rocket" of Warren Smith on YouTube sound like the take from said links, but aren't taken from The Legendary Sun Performers that I can tell).

There's also a much-later sounding version of this song on 1980's Memorial Album (Big Beat Records, from the year Smith died).

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